Arts Award adviser training

Arts Award Bronze and Silver Adviser Training

Support the young people you work with to achieve qualifications

Develop their creativity and leadership skills with Arts Award

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Arts Award is for all young people and can work through any arts, cultural or media activity. Training as an adviser is the first step in getting going with Arts Award. Advisers support each young person and assess their progress. When you train as Bronze & Silver adviser you will learn how to deliver and assess Arts Award at RQF* Levels 1 and 2.

This course is suitable for those working with young people aged 11-25 and who meet the requirements outlined in the adviser person specification including:

  • Schools and alternative education providers
  • youth engagement teams
  • learning and education teams
  • museums, libraries and heritage settings
  • arts, film and cultural organisations

Comments about our Arts Award adviser training include:

“Excellent – very clear, easy to understand and good pace.”

“I enjoyed hearing how Arts Award can be applied to all manner of art forms.”

“Welcoming, enthusiastic, encouraging (and I enjoyed) discussion with the other participants.”

“Great – clear, concise, knowledgeable, friendly.”

“Excellent – clear, accessible and full of info.”

“I enjoyed meeting others and seeing the diverse range of settings Arts Award can be offered in.”

“Great, clear delivery all day (and I enjoyed) all the practical sessions.”

*RQF – Regulated Qualification Framework

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