Action Learning

Action Learning

Make a positive difference to your organisation’s effectiveness

Do you want a different solution to resolving your challenges? Action Learning is a is a highly structured, facilitated technique that involves working with real challenges and opportunities; using skilled questioning, shared knowledge and expertise, actions are generated, delivering solutions for you and your organisation.

Developed in the 1940’s by industry leader and manager Reg Revans, Action learning is described as ‘an opportunity for individuals to engage in learning and identify action which will make a positive difference to the organisation’s effectiveness.’

By the end of the sessions, you will have resolved several current issues, improved your communication and problem solving skills and taken positive actions towards improved outcomes. You will have built a strong collaborative coaching group able to continue to use Action Learning as a tool for professional development that will increase your productivity.

Creative Junction can deliver Action Learning within your organisation; or offer the opportunity to join an open group made up of individuals from a range of backgrounds and knowledge.

Action Learning: