Create Compete Collaborate 2012-2013

Create Compete Collaborate 2012-2013

Creative Junction completed delivery of the Create Compete Collaborate (CCC) ambition. CCC was the South East’s principal objective for 2012 relating to children and young people.

It was an ambition to see every young person in the south East have an opportunity to connect with young people from another country.

We used the inspiration of the London 2012 Games to develop, connect and champion partnerships and opportunities that broaden the international outlook of young people and encourage them to develop their qualities of openness, understanding, enquiry, cooperation and equality. We believe these qualities are important to their future lives and that this work would leave a legacy of young people in the South East and around the world with broadened horizons, new skills, enhanced global awareness and a greater sense of connectedness.

Create Compete Collaborate was launched in 2009 with over 270 people and stakeholders across 5 events in the South East. Swiftly followed a young people’s international conference attended by over 250 young people and their teachers and support workers. Both events carried the aim of promoting global awareness amongst young people, the potential and inspiration of the London 2012 to broaden horizons and the scope and benefit of international partnership and connections.

Once launched Creative Junction delivered and/or supported a number of projects with a variety of partners including national legacy event partnerships, local authorities, third sector organisations, arts organisations, libraries and museums, education settings and young people and others.

We connected with many partnerships through our ecommunity, an especially developed website enabling any groups working with and for young people to create an online community and set up projects for connecting, sharing, learning and celebrating across partnerships through virtual collaboration. This free tool also enabled the exchanging of work and ideas; for partners to connect with their partners elsewhere in the world through blogging, video conferencing, story telling, uploading images and film, emailing and posting comments etc; and for projects to broaden their profile and widen their communities with the click of a few buttons.

We reached over 380000 people who registered their own independent projects on the ecommunity map sharing the international activity happening across the South East.

Creative Junction has created a free resource to support others in working internationally.  We have created a collection of creative and practical ideas and prompts for young people to broaden their international outlook and encourage openness, curiosity and understanding.

Creative Junction has been so pleased and proud, excited and delighted to be a small part of the huge success of London 2012.

In summary, we worked directly with nearly 7000 people through work connected to and inspired by London 2012.

International Outlook…..Our Create, Compete, Collaborate ambition reached close to half a million young people across the world.

Our own international projects directly engaged over 5000 people across the world.

Access to world class arts and cultural opportunities…..We also designed, developed and delivered UK focused projects connecting to London 2012: these projects directly engaged 1800 young people.

A cultural shift…..Create Compete Collaborate – Accentuate

Create Compete Collaborate enabled Creative Junction to become an Accentuate delivery partner. We delivered five projects for Accentuate: Campaign! Gaming! Collaborations! Realise! Starting Line! to which we were able to add value through incorporating an international dimension.

Accentuate, London’s 2012 Legacy Programme for the South East inspired by the Paralympic Movement, delivered a portfolio of 15 transformational projects which have offered opportunities for deaf and disabled people to take part and lead, and showcase the talents of deaf and disabled people, with an ambition of changing perceptions and creating a cultural shift in attitudes towards disabled people.

Accentuate has been funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK. Screen South is the home of Accentuate.

We have worked directly with over 1,000 young people through the Accentuate projects.

Wheels of Glory, our App celebrating wheelchair basketball, received over 2,500 international downloads in the Summer 2012.