Create Compete Collaborate – Accentuate

Create Compete Collaborate – Accentuate

As part of the CCC ambition we are a delivery partner for Accentuate:

Accentuate is the London 2012 Legacy Programme for the South East. Accentuate is inspired by the values and achievements of the Paralympic Movement and aims to create a cultural shift in the way disabled people are seen and provide a variety of opportunities for disabled people to take part and to lead. Accentuate consists of 15 ambitious projects which represent the arts, film, tourism, business, sport and heritage and aim to promote the talent of deaf and disabled people.

Creative Junction is leading the delivery of four of these projects and related events, and a further large scale event in partnership with the Creative Programmer for London 2012, South East; working with deaf and disabled athletes, artists and young people across the South East. These projects include:


Campaign! aims to celebrate collaboration between deaf and disabled young people in the South East with those from other countries both within the UK and abroad, as they work together to build campaigns to raise awareness around issues that affect them in their respective countries.

We are working with deaf and disabled young people, partnering them with artists and supporting them to develop creative campaigns that communicate ideas, opinions and issues relevant to them. The groups draw on their own experiences to help them make their campaigns but are also inspired by the international celebration which forms part of the Paralympic Games. The process also enables the young disabled people to respond to concepts of equality and global citizenship and to develop their understanding of how similar issues are experienced differently around the world.

These campaigns will have a lasting impact on opportunities for and attitudes towards young disabled people in the South East and around the world.

Campaign! is engaging at least 240 young people between now and September 2012.


Collaborations! Disability Arts took place from October 2010 to April 2011 and encouraged new collaborations between emerging and established disabled artists, disabled athletes and young people in the UK and abroad. Each collaboration strived to excite dialogue around public perceptions on disability, difference and diversity, as well as develop the practice of artists in the region. Collaborations! Disability Arts explored culture, diversity and creativity and celebrated the values of the Paralympic Games.

Through this commissioning programme, teams of artists, athletes and young people in the UK and in Mexico, Ecuador and Uganda worked together in partnership in the production of thought-provoking and inspirational new art work and exhibited and celebrated in creative collaboration with international artists and networks.

Young people in the region and internationally were engaged as partners and collaborators throughout the process and responded to and informed the work through workshops and outreach events. Using the e-community the groups were able to communicate with young people in other countries

The work was exhibited at the Brighton Media Centre in Spring 2011, and one continues to have a global reach touring international festivals.


Realise! aims to support and develop the entrepreneurial skills and inventions of young disabled people in the South East through a programme of opportunities, to allow young people to develop key business skills, explore their entrepreneurial energies, and appreciate the value of international collaboration in a world-class business environment. Also, to create a legacy of improved representation and opportunities for young disabled people in business and enterprise, increasing the number of young disabled business leaders and entrepreneurs and helping organisations to achieve a cultural shift in their own practice.

The programme is nurturing the enterprising skills of at least 40 disabled young people through a comprehensive menu of development opportunities including mentoring and peer support, workshops, work placements, accredited qualifications, business development sessions and training, competitive events and bespoke/tailored skills development sessions.

This programme is being delivered through two key delivery partner organisations: Readipop, a music charity in Reading and Learning to Work (formerly East Berkshire Education Business Partnership). Both organisations and some business partners have participated in disability equality training and together they are engaging diverse groups of young people from 5 schools in Berkshire and young people outside of formal education.

Each of these delivery partners are implementing work that encompasses an international link, facilitated through, for example, the eCommunity, large corporation links, peer networks, cultural exchanges and profiling / celebratory events.

Starting Line

Starting Line is an Accentuate outdoor arts commission delivered in partnership with the Creative Programmer for London 2012 and Creative Junction. The commission is for an original piece of work that will tell the story of the Paralympic Games, from Dr Guttmann’s first idea through to their present incarnation and beyond.

An exciting creative team is creating a disabled led integrated piece to challenge people’s perception of disability.

The piece will also use inspiration from works of art and performances created by young people in the UK and abroad which reflectes the heritage of Stoke Mandeville and celebrates the values of the Paralympic Games.

Kick started in September 2011 with a 2-day residency at Stoke Mandeville, Creative Junction initiated and are delivering an 18 month long international outreach programme which where disabled and non-disabled children and young people will engage with artist led workshops.

Starting Line is also a fantastic opportunity for young disabled people from Harding House School in Aylesbury who have formed a young person’s panel: they are the voice of their peers on the project.