Crimes of Kindness

Crimes of Kindness

In the lead up to  world Random Acts of Kindness day in February, a school in Slough took part in a project to design, deliver, share and celebrate #crimesofkindness to make their school and communities a friendlier place to be through #crimesofkindness.

Year 12 students at Langley Academy worked with us in using creative approaches to design a different Random Act of Kindness each week.

The student ‘kindness ambassadors’ created positive postcards with  kindness poems, planted Spring bulbs in hand decorated pots, whipped up some homemade sweet treats, hand painted pebbles and built ‘my home is your home’ stick sculptures; each week leaving their creations as gestures of kindness to unexpectedly brighten someone’s day, in random places, including car parks, classrooms, notice boards and coffee shop tables.

The recipients of these acts of kindness tweeted to let students know their kindness has been received and in turn sharing the kindness through social media with the hashtag #crimesofkindness.

By sharing through social media, students hope the kindness will ripple out across Slough and beyond, as an antidote to the persistent media attention on hate crime and inspiring others to consider a Random Act of Kindness of their own.

Arts, kindness and wellbeing are intrinsically linked. These Random Acts of Kindness and creative engagement provided an outlet from pressures of studies; generated positive social media feedback and the sharing and paying forwards of kindness; and in turn promoted a sense of wellbeing amongst students.

Supported by local Charity Future Foundation the project will celebrate the sense of togetherness and wellbeing people and communities can feel if we treat everyone with no strings kindness, respect and friendliness and they hope to raise awareness that where one does experience hate they will feel encouraged to report it through appropriate channels to help make communities a nicer and safer place to be.