High Street arts activity

High Street arts activity


I wanted to tell you how fantastic Anna was. There was an unexpected challenge and she was brilliant. She is warm and friendly and it was a total pleasure to work with her, a great ambassador for Creative Junction. Many thanks.” Town Centre Manager, Slough Borough Council

Creative Junction was commissioned by Slough’s Town Team to programme ‘Cafe Culture’ events – amazing street performers and activity for four events in Slough High Street. These events formed part of the cafe culture initiative: offering free pavement licences to local retailers and providing exciting, engaging and vibrant entertainment to local residents and shoppers.


A diverse range of artists were programmed, all new to Slough and a new and positive experience for Slough residents, of the people asked:

  • 100% had not seen anything like the performances before
  • 100% concluded that the artists/performances made Slough town centre more appealing to visit
  • 100% said they would like to see more street performances in the town and that they would visit more often
  • 60 % felt the puppetry acts were ‘really good entertainment for children’ and that they would like to see more activity for children and families

The event with Slough Library involved residents engaging with a street poet to work their words into a collaborative Slough poem:

Everyone Had a Slough Story

Everyone has a Slough story to tell
they treat people better here
even sick people
even old people.

Slough can be grey

but also great
apparently we get
the most sunshine in the UK
so if you know about Slough
you know not to hate.

A postmodern town
it’s hard to not want to leave
playing bass in a proper basement
in a condemned house full of rats

I saw towers built now about to be demolished

the buildings changed, but I did not.

Slough is the centre of things.
My family’s here
it is sort of a bittersweet place
a little bit of a cloud over the town

Slough has always encompassed all
it’s warming, unifying
with patient Polish people.

I’ve tried to shine
in this crowd I call mine

Slough, Slough you gotta get there now
you may have the sunshine state of Florida
we have the sunshine town of Slough.

Come Slough, come Slough,
fun Slough, fun Slough,
love Slough, love Slough.
Slough’s life, easy life.

East and west
Slough is best.