Honour Who Fell

Honour Who Fell

Honour Who Fell – public art installation

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead commissioned Berkshire based social enterprise Creative Junction to create a piece of public art to mark 100 years since the end of the Great War and remember those from the borough who sacrificed their lives.

Honour Who Fell commemorates the lost lives of the hundreds of people from this area, installed on Windsor Guildhall’s Corn Market for Armistice Day and throughout the rest of November.

Local residents have made these individual poppies to create this artwork, inspired by original letters, diaries, photographs and their own hopes about peace now and for the next one hundred years.

This is part of a series of events and activities through Heritage Lottery Funded ‘For King and Country’, revealing the stories behind the names of the 200+ war memorials across the Borough – the title of this piece of public art takes its name from an inscription on one of these memorials & echoes the cascades of poppies on the Corn Market pillars.

These 2,500 individual hand cut poppies represent each of the lives lost in this area during the First World War.

Participatory workshops

Creative Junction artists worked with residents across Windsor and Maidenhead Libraries, Windsor Museum and at related talks and events to create these poppies, inspired by words and pictures, writing and photography.

Together, we can begin to imagine and empathise with the stories behind the names of those lost which appear on memorials around the Borough. Through an archive from Windsor Museum, local people can begin to relate to the stories of the men and women who lived during this period.

With the 2018 centennial anniversary of Armistice and World War One peace and ceasefire, this ambitious project marks this by encouraging and enabling people to reflect over the last hundred years and what those who fought for us sacrificed as well as share wishes, hopes and pledges on their poppy about the next hundred years and what we can do towards peace – in our families, our communities, nationally and internationally.