Koestler Award

Koestler Award

with Slough Youth Offending Team

“Thank you all for your hard work and contribution to the project. I am sure the young people will welcome the prize and be proud that they achieved an award” Barbara D Griffith, Senior Practitioner, Slough Youth Offending Team

We worked with the Slough Youth Offending Team, professional artist Maru Rojas, and three young people, who were on remand. They identified things that matter to them and used photography and fashion design to challenge our perceptions of young offenders. They put on masks in order to challenge stereotypes.

Creative Junction nominated “What Matters?” to the Koestler Awards and are very proud that they received the Special Award for under 18s. The Koestler Award develops and acknowledges the artistic talents of prisoners and young offenders. www.koestlertrust.org.uk

Each young person made a series of photographic images using different techniques. The young people used Photoshop to superimpose self portraits into their fingerprints. Having their fingerprints taken is something each of the young people had experience with and wanted to turn the experience into a powerful statement of their identity.

“I liked doing the finger prints. It really makes you think and look deeper,” young person

Sandeep Jhita, a Slough YOT worker felt this project’s strength was that it, “was about using real things relevant to young people and building concepts around those things.”

The work was exhibited and attended by Sukhjit Kaur Dhaliwal the Mayor of Slough and MP Fiona Mactaggart.