Looked After Children – ‘Participation and Engagement strategy’

Looked After Children – ‘Participation and Engagement strategy’

“This was a great success. It was so interesting to be involved in the workshops and see how children’s views were captured using the different creative methods. This was a fantastic opportunity for each of the children to express their feelings in a fun and safe environment. It has been fantastic working with Creative Junction and we do feel this has been, yet again, another very successful project. We would also like to say thank you to each of the artists who worked with the children to explore their views, thoughts and feelings.” Participation Development Officer, Slough Borough Council.

Creative Junction delivered a series of participatory arts workshops as part of a creative consultation with looked-after-children (aged between 5 – 17 years) in the care of Slough Borough Council. The purpose was to engage and enable the children & young people to share their views/thoughts/opinions to inform the ‘Participation and Engagement of Children & Young People strategy’. We worked to the three intended outcomes provided by the Participation & Development Officer and the activities were designed according to this direction. All children and young people involved took part in the following activities:
Drama: warm up and team work exercises; exploring the concept of participation; telling stories and working out ‘My Life Lesson’ from these stories; creating tableaux and short pieces that introduced an alien to the concept of participation; rehearsing for a short performance; performing for an audience of staff and carers; learning theatre conventions such as maintaining stillness and quiet backstage and voice projection.

Craft: creating ‘The World of Me’: a person and an island made from Soft Stuff with collage name and key word thought about their current experience of participation.
Graffiti Wall: scribbles and doodles exploring their current experience of participation with ink and crayon on the ‘Take Part Word Wall’.

Photography: creating still life compositions from selection of objects, representing their ideas and feelings around participation – then exploring these through discussion, analysis and annotation of their own and each other’s photographs.

Poetry: creating individual metaphor poems about both Participation and Engagement; creating collective acrostic poems about both Participation and Engagement; poetry recital.
Visual Art: Installation of temporary exhibition, working in role of exhibition tour and gallery interpretation guides; drawing images from partner descriptions and describing pieces of art.