Open Space

Open Space

Clients include Arts Council England

“We found this a really exciting and helpful event. I really liked the Open Space format…very pleased with the contacts we made through it.” Senior Lecturer in Drama Education, Reading University

Open Space events have been used successfully all over the world to enable a self-organising group to use its collective imagination to deal with complex issues by sharing ideas and pooling knowledge in an incredibly short space of time.

Scaleable from a small group to over 1,000 this approach to events, developed by US innovator Harrison Owen, is most distinctive for its initial lack of an agenda, with just a question as a starting point.

The event participants create the agenda for themselves and self organise and run the day, allowing for the shared expertise in the room to be tapped and used to powerful and often unexpected effect. The format also encourage a chance to actively connect, to ask questions and to think about ideas, opportunities and ways forward for the future as participants are able to facilitate and attend the discussion they are most interested in and move onto another discussion when they’re ready and not when a timetable dictates.

Open Space: 

Creative Junction has skilled Open Space facilitators who can tailor and deliver for you and your team and/or board. We have facilitated Open Space for Arts Council England, National Portfolio Organisations and local authorities. Feedback includes:

‘More fun (than previous Away Days) but also the first time a number of crucial issues have been addressed, so this has definitely been a freeing process!’ Oxford Contemporary Music Board Member

“Thank you so much for the fantastic day. It was really well organised, stimulating. I look forward to some fruitful partnerships.” Art Subject Leader, Alfred Sutton Primary School

“We found it really useful to have discussions with so many people…the format was fascinating and worked very well. This sort of event is sorely needed at the moment.” Arts Award moderator, Oxford