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Wheels of Glory

“I’ve just played Wheels of Glory. Well done, very good. I’m very impressed.” Charlie Bethel, CEO British Wheelchair Basketball

The Wheels of Glory free app launched in July 2012 already has over 2,500 downloads from all over the world, including China and Dubai. Players have rated the app with 5 stars, with consistent excellent feedback. The App also received a London 2012 Inspire Mark.

Creative Junction created Wheels of Glory with students from Chalfonts Community College, Slough based young person Jennie Sands and games designers Tom Scutt and Chicago based Roxana Hadad. Inspired by a visit to Stoke Mandeville Stadium and the opportunity to play wheel-chair basketball with the Paralympic GB team, the students incorporated their newfound knowledge so that at each level of the game you learn a bit more about Paralympic history and wheel-chair basketball.

We partnered with Pinewood Studios to launch the game at a reception event.

The game is based on wheelchair basketball and raises players’ awareness of the physical and psychological strength required by Paralympians, as well as some of the barriers that disabled athletes must overcome in order to compete at a world-class level.

To promote Wheels of Glory Creative Junction worked with Louise Sugdan (Paralympian GB Basketball Team) and took part in various events including the Reading Torch Relay, the Paralympic Torch Event and Slough Youth Games.

Wheels of Glory was developed through Gaming! for Accentuate, a transformational programme of 15 projects, inspired by the Paralympic Movement, which sought to change perceptions and offer opportunities to showcase the talents of deaf and disabled people. Accentuate was funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK, SEEDA and the regional cultural agencies. Screen South is the home of Accentuate. 

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