Whitfest – young people event producers commission

Whitfest – young people event producers commission

WhitFest is a Whitley-centred event aiming to use the arts to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Whitley community group Aspire2 wanted to develop young people’s voices and skills and commissioned Creative Junction to work with group of young people as event producers. We worked with 8 young people from year 5 and year 6 and supported them in developing the skills to plan, programme and deliver all aspects of WhitFest 2015, including commissioning professional artists and creating their own piece of theatre performed at the outdoor festival.

The young people were jointly responsible for:

  • choosing a theme for WhitFest 2015
  • commissioning professional artists to run workshops in the community and at the festival
  • encouraging local schools and local groups to take part
  • programming the finale event
  • designing a marketing campaign
  • running all aspects of the finale event

Activities included: creative warm ups; icebreakers for group to become friends; brainstorming themes; brand considerations and designing logos; reviewing the budget with monopoly money; visiting the event site; consultation with outside groups/community; marketing including using social media; designing and making decisions on the festival programme; liaising with artists & suppliers; designing promotional activity including film; creating marketing material; creating their own workshop/art/performance for the festival; allocating roles and responsibilities to each other and adults; making signage and naming festival areas.

 Creative Junction also supported young people to achieve an Arts Award qualification.

The 8 young event producers reported:

  • An overriding sense of pride in been a part of something significant in their community
  • Greater sense of confidence
  • Understanding of debate and making decisions and why decision making is important
  • Better understanding of creativity and arts practice
  • Improved team working, listening to and sharing their own opinions; making new friends
  • All have been inspired to become more engaged in different forms of art