Collaborations!: Reading Torch Relay

This project will take place during April – July 2012. There will be one group of 6-8 young people from Cranbury College and one group of 6-8 young people from Reading Youth Offending Team. The creative practitioners will have the opportunity to work with both groups together and individually, creating new work that will be exhibited/performed together as part of the July 10 Torch Relay celebrations in Reading.

The project will begin with a planning session where the artists, a disabled athlete, staff and young people will come together to share ideas and develop a framework for working together. The artists/performers will then co-deliver 1 workshop day together and a further 3 workshop days individually with their particular group. During these sessions there will also be opportunities for making international connections using an on-line resource, the E-community, to explore ideas and ask questions to young people in Reunion. The disabled athlete will attend 2 workshop days to help the young people explore the values of the Paralympic games and how art and sport come together.

Collaborations! YOT: REading New’s stories

 Young performers work towards Reading Torch event